Saturday, 23 March 2013

Kettle dyeing

Last weekend I tried some kettle dyeing for the first time.  (All my previous dyeing exploits have been hand painting fibre and setting the colors using a steamer).
I was very pleased with the results, the colors were far stronger than those I have managed to achieve when I have hand painted fibre, and the process was surprisingly straight forward as well.   I will be trying it again.

Exhausting the dye bath
Skeins hanging to dry -they look a bit scraggy here and are much better dry!

Some carding was also needed at the weekend -  so out came the Minty Carder to create some batts based on the 'Sea Fret' yarn I spun up earlier this year.  

Last month I also finished spinning up some Polworth fiber that I had dyed up earlier in the year.  I spun this up on the Westbury wheel and plied it on the Louet S10.  The ratios on the Westbury allow me to spin so much finer than on the Louet, I like the Louet but it is very 'grabby'  (I think anyone who has used one will know what I mean by this).  My little Westbury is much more gentle in its take up, but this makes it far  slower. 
I loved the Polworth, it is so soft and was lovely to spin.  I got 330 yards of two ply, just over 3oz. 
I will be getting some more Polworth - maybe to combine with more kettle dyeing.