Friday, 31 August 2012

Holiday decorating

A couple of years ago we had a new boiler installed, because we are on oil central heating the new boiler had to be located in the garden (yes, I know it is quite odd- but apparently that's what they do with oil boilers nowadays), the work to put the boiler in included moving a lot of pipes around - most of it going through our sitting room.   We had good intentions to get the pipes boxed in fairly quickly - but it didn't happen - we got used to the pipes, and they were useful at Christmas to hang the cards on. We knew it would be a long job and just kept putting it off.
It has taken a lot of time (almost two weeks) and effort, but we have finally done it, boxed in the pipes and redecorated the sitting room, my lovely husband has done such a good job I can hardly remember that they were there!

Here is a view of the pipes running along the ceiling in the process of being boxed in.
And here is the same wall after boxing in and redecoration - not a pipe in sight! 
I 'distressed' some old bits of furniture that we have - an old side table originally from a nest-of-tables, which looked awful but is so useful. 

Also an old trunk, known for some reason as the 'Carpenter's trunk' 

The fire-place has new decorative features -re-cycled from the old counter decorations that came from the shop my parents had back in the 1970s. 
We finally finished the glossing on the woodwork yesterday and got everything back into place - very happy to have reached the end! 


Other news is that a month or so ago I purchased an old Louet S10 from DyeSpinKnit on Ravelry.  The wheel had been painted a weird gloss green (sorry if you like that kind of thing) but my husband came to the rescue again and stripped the green paint and Danish oiled the wheel for me.  The wheel is slightly stained from the paint, but I quite like the effect.  I love the huge bobbins and the wheel is so fast when compared to my little Westbury wheel. 
One of my first 'spins' were these batts
Into 'Pumpkin Patch'

Final thick singles 

Other things, I have knitted more gloves .... one pair in handspun camel (so soft) and one with red and grey stripes 

I have been trying out lace knitting (I am determined to do this - but fail every time)
Finished the latest Ruth Rendell novel
Tomorrow I am off to judge the crafts at East Bergholt Horticultural Society annual show - should be good!