Sunday, 29 April 2012

New Dyes

Just before Easter I got hold of some more Landscape Dyes from Wingham Wool Works, I have tried various other acid dyes but keep coming back to this range, the number of colours is so good and they are very easy to use.
I had a happy afternoon a few weeks ago dying up some merino roving trying out various colour combinations using the new and my old dyes.  New dyes included;  Galah (a vivid pink), Rye (a soft oatmeal colour) and  Night (a deep blue).  My intention was to try out some brighter colours in an effort to move away from my normal colour range which always seems slightly muted.

The results were not quite what I had expected. Night has turned out far more indigo blue than I thought it would - slightly disappointing - but maybe the dye stock was too weak.  Rye wasn't as pale as I liked - so I need to weaken that, the dye that came out as I expected was Galah - this really is a bright pink (not a colour I would normally choose) but I think it might be useful to mix in with others.
Here is the roving dyed up with a mix of Galah, plum (from another range) and at the very end Wattle and some of the Night dye.
I have split the roving to fractal spin it.

I did manage to get one roving that I really loved from the batch that I dyed up, it was a mixture of Rye with plum and a small amount of Galah. This is the yarn I spun up from it.

I have been knitting this into a pair of fingerless gloves, the colours in this yarn  remind me of dried rose petals, old gardens and the end of summer.... I still don't seem to have achieved what I set out to do which was to a bright yarn!

Monday, 9 April 2012

A gentle Easter weekend

Some Easter moments...

Crochet granny squares -well one big square! (how I love them)..

Cosy cat!

Produce from the allotment including ... beautiful Tulips...

..fresh mint...

..and spinach.

..Planting seeds.... 

..and spinning some wool, to knit into a pair of fingerless gloves...