Saturday, 15 October 2011

Creating graduated yarn - Seventies Kitsch-en!

A while back I purchased some orange merino roving from World of Wool, the colour is Clementine, I mixed this with some blue and green to create this yarn.

In the end I didn't use much of the orange and had quite a lot left over; as I also had some brown left from another project and I thought I would have a go at creating a graduated batt, blending from cream through the orange to brown which I could spin into a gently graduated yarn (that was the theory anyway).

I started by blending cream with various proportions of orange, then orange with brown to create the transitions. Finally I arranged the colour from light to dark through the carder - here is the resulting batt

I made four of these and then spun them into singles before plying them together.
Here is the resulting yarn

It became apparent during the spinning process that I had to decide how to make the transition from the end of one batt (the dark brown) to the next batt, should I carry on with the brown from the second batt, or should I jump back to the cream, in the end I decided to carry on with the brown, this meant that when this is knitted up there will be a larger proportion of brown than the cream or orange.
If I decide to make this yarn again then I will certainly take more time to think about how to work the transition and plan this at the batt making stage.
Care also needs to be taken in order to get the transitions to 'line up' or happen at a similar place during the plying part of the spinning.