Sunday, 17 July 2011

Drum Carding.....Finally!!!!

A couple of months ago my lovely husband gave me a Minty Drum Carder  -  I think he had got fed up with me going on about needing one & just went ahead and got it!

It is such a lovely thing, beautifully made & incredibly practical and I am enjoying myself making up new blends to spin. 

My first experiment was mixing blue falkland, dark blue/purple merino, bamboo and sparkle:

Here are the component parts - falkland, merino, bamboo and a little bit of silver angelina sparkle (how I love the sparkle -  I feel like a child using it!)

Going through the carder...

The resulting batt waiting to be spun...

Finally, spun into a singles yarn. It surprised me how quickly this spun up!